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Ask Sue
A Weekly Q&A Column About Professionalism, Etiquette and Problems in the Workplace
by Sue Morem

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About Sue Morem
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Thanks for the Raise
To Tell or Not To Tell
Lazy Coworker
Stuck in a Cube
Recognizing Abuse at Work
Setting Boundaries
Finding Closure When Fired
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Q & A for New Graduates
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Telephone Tip: How to Handle Irate Callers
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Coworker Wears Too Much Perfume
Job Hopper Seeks Help
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Making Self-Promotion Easier
Uncomfortable with Selling
Meeting Etiquette
Who's to Blame?
Find Your Dream Job
Passed Over for a Promotion
Tips for Young Workers
You Control Your Own Feelings
Finding a Job After 50
Hard Worker Gets No Respect
High School Senior Weighs Tough Choices
Office Full of Goof Offs
When Do Insults Become Harassment?
Resume Dates Reveal Candidate's Age
Working Without Pay
Dealing with a Negative Supervisor
Where Have All the Manners Gone?
Find a Job You Enjoy
Seeking Help
Afraid of Failure
Don't Be Overlooked
Surviving the Office Party
Unchallenging Job
The Importance of Socializing with Coworkers
Coworker Using a Foreign Language
Email Snooping
Career Damaging Habits
Reducing Interruptions
Casual Fridays on the Way Out?
Loud Talker
Boss Won't Hire More Help
Advice for the Class of 2004
Age Discrimination
Overworked and Stressed Out
Complaining Coworker
Is a Hostess Gift Appropriate for a Company Party?
Coworker is Boss's Friend
When Is It OK To Call An Employee At Home?
Cell Phone Use at Work
Resume Plagiarism
Workspace Intrusion
Ending Procrastination
Job Hopping to the Right Career
Concerned Coworker
Pursuing Your Dreams
Choosing to Telecommute
Finishing College
Joking Around at Work
What's the Big Deal About Networking?
Is Napping at Work Okay?
Dealing with Difficult Coworkers and Bosses
Announcing Your Departure
Asking for a Job Referral
Unfairly Reprimanded
Become More Assertive at Work
Hard Work Goes Unnoticed
Admitting a Mistake
Rude and Envious Coworkers
Lateral Moves
Building Experience vs. Making a Living
Building a Business Wardrobe
Office Cliques
Body Language
Overcoming Shyness
Surviving a Management Change
Ratting on Coworkers
Great Performance, Bad Attitude
How to Dress Down at Work
Avoiding Conflict, Speakerphone Etiquette, More...
New Job, Unfriendly Coworkers
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Personal Coaching - Part II
Personal Coaching - Part I
Office Friendship Gone Sour
Small Raise, Getting a Job without Transportation
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Customers Wasting Your Time?
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Nosey Office Partner
Explaining a Gap in Employment
Can't Hold a Steady Job
Working for Jekyll and Hyde
Getting Along at Work
Working in a Family Run Business
New Mom Returns to the Workforce
Follow Up to "Personal Space"
Personal Space
Out-Of-State Job Search
New Year's Resolutions
Holiday Parties
Workplace Cliques
Misery Loves Company
Major Career Move
Proper Dress
Is It Age Discrimination?
Unemployed Long-Term
Finding a Job After Self-Employment
Taking the Self-Employment Plunge
Getting an Interview
Job Hopping
Thank You Notes
Bad Time to Ask for a Raise
Rude Interview Experience
The Quiet One
Feeling Like a Doormat?
Office Dress Code
Personal Use of Business Computers
Increasing Responsibilities, Same Pay
Office Telephone Etiquette
Taking Charge 
Selective Memory 
Stressful Work Environments 
Balancing Home and Career 
What to Say when You've Resigned 
Working for a Control Freak 
Telephone Etiquette for Sole Proprietors 
Being Busy vs. Being Productive
Passed Over 
Office Party Survival Tips 
Intentionally Left Out 
Nonverbal Communication for Salespeople 
September 11
Working for the Paycheck
Difficult Employees
Building a Work Wardrobe
Getting Credit
Personal Space at Work
Employer Research
Explaining an Absence
Resume Follow-Up
Cover Letters
Zero Tolerance
Interview Preparation
Poor Review
Working Vacation
Ready to Move Up
Christmas Parties Past
Business Event or Party
Job Hopping
Keep Your Chin Up
Gaining Experience
Job Satisfaction
Customer Service
How to Resign
Overcoming Challenges
College & Career
Big Changes
Organize e-mail
Family Business
Shared Territory
Selling Without Fear
Bad Career Move
Think Twice
Staying Motivated
Casual Dress
Jealous Co-Worker
Challenging Circumstances
Waiting for an Answer
Career Anxiety
Getting Noticed
Helpless & Overwhelmed 2
Returning to School
Personal Issues
Get a Life!
Disillusioned, Part 2
Disillusioned, Part 1
Bad References?
Job Turnover
Job Search Help
Successful Meetings
Helpless & Overwhelmed 1
Taking the Leap
What Went Wrong?
Trust Yourself
Getting a Raise
Letter of Resignation
Time for a Change?
Say What?
Office Party Survival Tips
Business Card Etiquette
Too Much Fun?
Easing the Transition
No Notice
Mystery Shopping
Salary Negotiations
Command Respect!
Don't Hold Yourself Back!
Re-Entering the Job Market
Daycare Business & Job Titles
A New You
Making a Fresh Start
Lead With Your Strengths
Getting That First Job
Finding the Right Job
Raising Morale
Getting a Raise
Unemployment Woes
Career Transitions
What to Wear?
Before You Sign That Paper...
Interview Etiquette
Finding Work from Home Jobs
Inconsiderate Co-Workers
Constructive Criticism
Dressing the Part & Changing Careers
Dealing with an Angry Supervisor
Schedule Conflicts and Unemployment Woes
Difficult Bosses and Coworkers
Workplace Dialogue
Overeducation, Interview Attire and Workplace Romances


Sue Morem is a professional speaker, trainer and syndicated columnist. She is author of the newly released 101 Tips for Graduates and How to Gain the Professional Edge, Second Edition. You can contact her by email at or visit her web site at

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