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Ask Sue
A Weekly Q&A Column About Professionalism, Etiquette and Problems in the Workplace
by Sue Morem

Stuck in a Cube

Dear Sue: I am one of many department heads in the company I work for, but the only one without an office; I work in a cube. An office will become available at the end of the week and I'd like to be considered for the space.

Two months ago when an office was vacant and individual who was promoted to a director level got to move into the office. I've been a director for over and year and a half. I've been overlooked in the past and don't want to be overlooked again.

It bothers me that I am the only department head in the company who works out of a cube while everyone else at my level is in an office. How do I ask to be considered for this space?

 - Stuck in a cube

Sue Says: The only way you can be sure you will be considered for the office space is if you let others know you are want it. The fact that everyone else at your level is in an office is reason enough for you to make the request and find out why you have not been offered one. It will also help if you have a few good reasons you feel an office would be beneficial and if you can explain how it will help you be more productive and effective.

Request a meeting with your boss or whoever the best person(s) is to talk to about this. When you meet with this person, don't make demands; simply state that you are aware there is an office available and that you would like to be considered for it. Be conversational and inquire about any reason you would not be considered for this space. You have the right to inquire as to why you are the only department head without one and what you need to do (if anything) to work toward getting one.

Even if you are not able to get an office at this time you will have let others know your desires and may be more likely to be considered for one in the future.

Sue Morem is a professional speaker, trainer and syndicated columnist. She is author of the newly released 101 Tips for Graduates and How to Gain the Professional Edge, Second Edition. You can contact her by email at or visit her web site at

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