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Self-Defense for Bullied Employees

By Robert Mueller, JD

Almost half of all employees have been targeted by a workplace bully. According to a March 2007 study by the Employment Law Alliance, 44% of us have been bullied by an abusive manager or supervisor. Here are some more statistics:

  • 81% of bullies are managers.
  • 50% of bullies are women and 50% are men.
  • 84% of targets are women.
  • 82% of targets ultimately lost their jobs.
  • 95% of bullying is witnessed.

And the statistic that causes the most indignation? It's estimated that only 7% of workplace bullies end up censured, transferred, or terminated.

With new and better information, however, that last statistic can change. Employees no longer have to sit back and "take it." Employees don't have to quit. All targets or victims of workplace bullying can become what I call "workplace warriors," using some tried-and-true self-defense strategies designed to restore power, dignity, and options to the bullied employee.

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