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Follow Up to Make Sure You Get the Job

by Smith Daly

All job seekers crave for the interview call. Even if the interview goes perfect, there are always a few more follow through opportunities that can put you ahead of your competitors.

“Passion is the genesis of genius” Tony Robbins

Everyone knows that searching for a job is strenuous, time consuming and a nagging part of your life you simply want over with. All job seekers crave the e-mail or phone call that notifies them they snagged an interview- phew! - And that after the thorough questioning of an interrogator you think you did all you could do to get the job. And sometimes that is the case.

But even if your interview was perfect and you answered every question right on, there is always a few more follow through opportunities that can still leverage a company towards you instead of your competitors.

The Thank You Card: Writing a thank you card is one of the most underestimated ways to show your interest in the job. Always send a simple, upbeat card to each interviewer to reiterate your passion and ability to successfully do the job you want.

Networking: Never stop networking with the company after an interview. Continue reaching out to employees you may have connections with and don’t be shy to ask them to put in a good word.

Research: Continue your research on the company in case you land a follow-up interview. Stay up to date on news regarding them and conjure up new topics for discussion.

Be Patient: If the interviewer asks you to follow up in a week, don’t call any earlier to find out if you got the job or not. Don’t act desperate- just be confident!

Interview Tips of the Week

Tip Number 1: Passion

In an important interview, not only showing confidence but passion for success in your field of work is a must. Your credentials and accomplishments got you the interview but having enthusiasm to succeed in a new company will set you apart from your rivals and land you the job.

Tip Number 2: How to Relax

Before an interview it is common for your nerves to be jumping and your mind to be racing. In order to prevent too many jitters, make sure to get in a light workout or de-stressor before the interview. By getting in some exercise and calming your body and mind you will be able to think more clearly without your nerves getting in the way. By thinking more clearly you will also speak more clearly, which in turn will help you maintain your professional appearance and confidence.

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